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Universal frame protection to fit most bikes, with many awesome designs to choose from. DYEDBRO bike frame protection kits fit mountain bikes, e-bikes, gravel, road and even kids bikes. DYEDBRO kits shield your bike from scuffs, scratches and help your bi


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DYEDBRO is a bike company created by riders to cover riders needs.As people who ride their bikes every day we know how much abuse bikes go through nowadays, that's why they offer you the best universal, easy to install frame protection. They make products that increase the life time of your bike, by protecting it from scratches and dings while also giving it a cool new look. 

They use eco friendly inks, recyclable packaging and they try to maximize resources and materials to reduce our impact on the planet. 

This sport has given them so much that we feel the need to give back, that’s why constantly they raise funds for bike related and  environmental organizations. To try promote biking and preserve our playgrounds. 

They want to protect your bike while contributing to a better world.

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